When Depression Arrives: An Open Letter to My Son

Depression is fierce. It knows your vulnerable places and targets the most precious part of you. LISTEN TO ME – I will help you build armor. We will come up with a plan. And we will ride into battle together. You saved my life once before – I will fight for yours as long as I’m here.
You were made to slay dragons. Sometimes that dragon is in yourself.

Bumpdate – The Second Trimester!

Well folks, we made it. The much esteemed second trimester. Not gonna lie – there’s a lot of controversy over what week the second tri actually begins. My apps (Ovia and The Bump, both highly recommended!) say week fourteen, but the first result in my google search said thirteen, so I’m taking it. Because let’s be honest,…

How to Make the First Trimester (Almost) Bearable

(This post may contain affiliate links. This just means that if a purchase is made through Nibble + Dash, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.)  I’m almost ten weeks pregnant and beginning to see the light at the end of this very long, very dreary tunnel. Don’t get me wrong,…