In My Wilderness

(This post was originally written for my Instagram. You can see the actual post here.)

We are still opting out of church during flu season, so I took advantage of this slow morning to catch up on my bible study lessons. ⁣I always plan on joining a study at my church, but babies and sickness and other things always get in the way. I used to joke that we’d only have family crises on Thursdays. ⁣

Today is day one of my elimination diet, and I’ll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Giving up sugar, flour, most dairy, and everything processed is no small feat, especially when literally anything else is so much more convenient with two young kids. ⁣

I was a day behind on my study, but I feel like the good Lord allowed that to happen because guess what Day Three’s lesson was about? Food, of course. ⁣
To summarize, the Israelites were in the desert living on a diet of manna after a lifetime in slavery. No fun, so they complained, saying, “At least in Egypt we had free fish and vegetables and ate all the food we wanted!” ⁣(Exodus 16).
Only it wasn’t free. Day upon day of backbreaking work just to earn a few meals? How good could it actually taste? They found themselves wishing they were back under physical and mental oppression just because the food was dependable.⁣

I know I probably overshare when it comes to my health, but “physical and mental oppression” is exactly the term I would use to describe what my body was (and is!) going through. ⁣I’ve struggled with food my entire life and my body is paying the price. It may seem dramatic, but I feel like in a sense I am in a similar situation as the Israelites. Is it life or death? Probably not, but I know that the only way I can leave my wilderness is to leave what I know (comfort eating, iced coffees, the works) and trust the Lord to provide the strength and peace I need to keep going. Twenty-two years of slavery to food is enough.

Today’s lesson confirmed the fact that I was on the right track, and that the convenience of the foods I’m leaving behind don’t compare with the “promised land” of health I’m heading for.⁣
Thank you, Jesus, for that reminder. ⁣

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