Woodland Nursery Tour

Our nursery has been a work in progress for two years now. Not on purpose, of course, but often we’ll be around town and see something that just screams “boys’ nursery!”

Now that little Henry has joined the family, I thought I’d take a minute to share a quick tour. This room is becoming one of our favorites. This is where naptime happens, bedtime stories are read, late nights are spent and babies rocked to sleep. Henry will be sleeping in our room until he’s a year old, but the nursery is still our favorite little hangout during the daytime.

Pictured above:

Crib – IKEA.
Quilt – made by family.
Woodland signs – made by my sister-in-law. I believe she made the signs from pallets but you can find something similar at Michaels. This project probably won’t take too long – you can easily find a stencil online. Soo cute!
Rubber band rifle – Deer Expo.

Wall art – done by my mother-in-law. Didn’t she do an incredible job? Go Bebe!
Wooden basket – we received this one as a bath set at my bridal shower, but Walmart has a similar basket for about $12. It’s the perfect size for holding our stash of cloth diapers.

Boy sign – this was a gift from a friend, but there are similar items available on Etsy!
Banner – from our baby shower.

Wooden squirrel – would you believe we found this at Walmart for $4? Their fall decor selection was amazing this year. Logan calls this his “qurl”.

Deer skull lamp – Bebe made this from a skull that Christopher found when he was younger. Her creativity astounds me sometimes. She always has the best ideas!

Bookshelf – homemade. The project took about two days (trying to paint with a toddler running around is no joke, y’all). All you need: two crates (Michaels, $10 each), screws, four feet and a ton of paint! I may post a tutorial on here later, but I think the picture is pretty self explanatory. ☺️

What nursery theme did you have as a kid? Mine was Winnie the Pooh. Share your answer in the comments. ☺️

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  1. Olivia Walker says:

    Awwwwwww!!!! It looks so cute! I love all the DIY and frugality in this room. I know it takes longer than just heading to a baby storing and stocking up, but I think it makes the room mean so much more because you (or a loved one) had a hand in everything in the room.

    This is the kind of nursery I want some day in the very distant future😍


    1. Thanks, Olivia! You’re always so encouraging! Love you. ❤️


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