7 Tips to Sell Everything You Ever Post on Facebook Marketplace

Chalk it up to nesting, boredom, or just general frustration at the clutter in our home: I’ve been purging the house BIG TIME.
With Christopher gone at AT, I find myself alone with way too much time on my hands after Logan hops off to bed. Armed with garbage bags, labels, and a sharpie, I set to work organizing, donating, or uploading everything we have. (And I mean everything.) 

It’s only been a few months, but I’ve already brought in almost $400 from small-ticket items alone. 
Like most people, we don’t have any extra furniture to sell, but you can still make GOOD money by getting rid of your regular household items.

Here are my seven biggest tips on selling EVERYTHING you upload.

1. Make sure it’s worthwhile.
If it’s stained, well-used, or just unsightly, don’t waste your time. Unless you plan on repairing it before you sell, throw it away or donate it. 99% of people won’t pay a cent for something they’d have to put work into.
(Note: this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to furniture. Many people find joy in reupholstery or repurposing tables, chairs, and similar items.)
ALSO: Anything that you’d sell for under $5 needs to be donated. It’s just not worth it.

2. Post at peak times.
Since most people are paid on Friday, the best time to post is between 5 and 9pm on Thursday. By then almost everyone is off work, winding down, and looking to spend some of the money burning a hole in their pocket.

3. Make it look like a good deal.
Think of the absolute lowest price you’ll settle for. Remember that you don’t need this item anymore and that it no longer serves you in any way. Set the price a couple dollars above what you actually want, then hit the “reduce” button immediately after posting. It’ll look more appealing and give the appearance of a better deal.

4. No holds.
People will ALWAYS have an excuse as to why they can’t meet when you’re available, but they’ll ask you to hold the item for them until it’s convenient to pick up – despite you having three other people making offers. When writing your description, specify that you will not allow holds and that the item is first come, first serve.
People may get snappy, but it’ll save you the hassle of working with someone difficult.

5. Long descriptions.
You want to seem friendly, but not desperate. Write a three or four sentence paragraph describing your product, its condition, whether your house is smoke- and pet-free, and when you’re available to meet. Mini tip: people like knowing they can pick something up immediately, so be sure to post your products on days where you don’t have much planned.

6. Post. Multiple. Pictures.
I’m talking different angles, lighting, everything. This will save you some time as most people ask for additional pictures anyway.

7. Set up ONE time to meet.
It can be exhausting to drive to meet with people multiple times over the weekend, so try to schedule all of your meet-ups within five minutes of each other. Transactions usually take around a minute and a half, (unless it’s a big item or something the buyer wants to try on first.)
In your description, say I can meet at the (store)  in (city) at (time) on (day). It’ll save you time, gas, and energy – plus you’ll drive home with a wallet full of cash. Every girl’s dream, amirite?

Armed with these 7 tips, I’m in the process of purging about 80% of our belongings. Every room feels more peaceful and cozy with so much extra space – plus we have more cushion in our bank account. It’s a win for everyone!

What are your biggest tips for selling online?
7 Tips to Sell Everything You Post on Facebook Marketplace

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