Bumpdate – The Second Trimester!

Well folks, we made it.
The much esteemed second trimester.
Not gonna lie – there’s a lot of controversy over what week the second tri actually begins.
My apps (Ovia and The Bump, both highly recommended!) say week fourteen, but the first result in my google search said thirteen, so I’m taking it.
Because let’s be honest, the first trimester is full of nasty, miserable things. (Except that first ultrasound – cue swooning!)

Here’s what’s new with our little bean:

We found out the gender!!
Honestly, there’s a part of me that wished we’d waited until the anatomy scan to find out, but I’m thankful to know that everything seems good and healthy with baby through genetic testing!
We had the blood test done Monday, May 14th. It took exactly a week to get the results (thankfully – I heard of some people who said it took up to two!) and they called us last Monday with the news.
It’s a boy!
We aren’t sure how much of this Logan actually understands, but he smiled big when we told him he was going to have a baby brother! He loves him some babies, so hopefully we won’t deal with too much jealousy this Fall.

I’m extremely impatient so we told our families within an hour or so. After that, we announced it on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone was pretty shocked – we all truly believed it was a girl. There’s always next time, ha!

Baby was measuring a few days ahead at his last ultrasound, so it’ll be interesting to see where he’s at growth-wise at our next appointment.
Hurry up, June!

We picked a name!
Okay, fine, we picked out the name last year before we were even planning on another pregnancy, but it didn’t feel real until we saw his ultrasound. The name suits him pretty well, I think. 😉
I’ll give you a hint…it starts with H. You’re welcome to make a guess, but we probably won’t announce it until later!

Overall I’m feeling pretty positive about the outcome of this pregnancy. We passed the major danger zone, so now we can just focus on nesting and waiting on Baby H. to grow!

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