The Only Gift Basket Checklist You’ll Ever Need

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I love shopping. It’s truly a terrible habit, but whenever Logan is fussy and we just need to get out of the house, we head over to Ross or Marshalls to kill a few hours.
Of course, I always tell myself that we’re just window shopping.
But then I find something we need. Then another. Then another.
It’s all fun and games until you get to the register and your total comes to $48.
Yikes. That was $48 more than I was ever planning to spend that day.
As I said, it’s an awful habit.

The good news is that care packages are a thing.
Type those two words into the search engine on Pinterest and you’ll be simply overwhelmed by all of the options, styles, and themes.
In a second, I’ll give you a no-stress guide to building your own, but I digress.

Care packages are seriously one of the best solutions to any situation.
Someone’s sick? Care package.
Someone had a baby? Care package.
Someone had surgery? Care package!
If you’re a huge shopper like me, they give you the opportunity to pick out adorable products, get your shopping fix, and keep the clutter out of your home.

I have a sweet friend and neighbor who had surgery earlier this week. We wanted to cook her a nice dinner but realized her mom was driving up to come stay with her as she recovered.
So instead we hopped over to the store and went crazy.

Okay, okay. Maybe not crazy, but it was a blast shopping for things I’d typically never buy for the family. Candy especially. That felt AWESOME.
If you aren’t a huge spender, that’s okay. I’ll help you put together a perfect, affordable gift basket for your loved one!

1. Choose your basket.
You can find them for super cheap at Walmart, but if you have extra time to kill you can stop by your local thrift store and see what options they have available. Just pick one in good condition and give it a little wipedown when you get home.  Keep size in mind – you don’t want to buy something too large only to fill it a third of the way full.

2. Choose your comfort items.
Depending on how large your basket is, two or three of these should do just fine.
Some ideas…
-Rice sock
-Small pillow
-Cozy socks
-Hot/cold pack
-Ginger chews
-Herbal tea (I bought this sampler – it comes with two boxes so you can totally keep one for yourself. Soooo yummy!!)

3. Choose your snacks.
I’d recommend buying 4-6, depending on what kind of snacks and how big they are (fun vs. king size). Remember to include both salty and sweet! 
A few ideas…
-Dried fruit
-Protein bars
-Mini donuts

4. Choose your entertainment.
Give your friend something to do while they’re recovering.
-A book
-Coloring book/markers
-Card game

5. Choose your pamper products.
Even something as small as a new lip gloss can brighten their spirit! One or two of these should do nicely.
-Face mask
-Nail polish

6. Choose your well-wishes.
Whether it be a handwritten note or a DIY pop-up card, be sure to include a little something to remind your friend that they are loved and prayed for.

That’s all there is to it. Good luck and have a blast!

The Ultimate Gift Basket Checklist

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