All of the Mantras + A New Snack

(Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. This means that if a purchase is made through my blog, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.) 

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned recently discovering the magic that is the Ali on the Run podcast. At the end of each episode, she asks the featured runner what their favorite mantra is. I love this part because you can tell so much about a person by the mantra they choose.
Some of my favorites:
“Run the mile you are in.” 
It’s so easy to get caught up in worrying about how much the next mile(s) are going to hurt and this can take away your motivation in a snap. This mantra reminds me to focus on my current goal: finishing this mile.
“I was strong enough to get this far, I am strong enough to keep going.”
Doesn’t this one just fill up your heart and make you wanna cry? No? Just me? Oh well.
The running journey is piled with highs and lows. Every day you challenge yourself just a bit more, and while eventually, the first, second, third mile gets easier, you still had to fight not to give up every day. And you didn’t. And you won’t. Because you are strong AF.
Pain is harmless and temporary.”
swear this one got me through my first few weeks of running. Between a bum leg and being immobile for months, every mile was torture. Pain hurts, but that’s all it does.
“I’ve survived much worse than this.”
This one will mean something different to everyone. In her episode of Ali on the Run, Theodora from Preppy Runner chose this as her favorite mantra after the loss of her mother. For me, this reminds me of the grief of losing our sweet triplets last December. Comparing your run with a significant or devastating event in your life makes a little pain seem so trivial and reminds you how strong you are to get through it.

Mantras can make all the difference during a rough mile and I really believe everyone should have one (or two or three or just ALL of them) to pull out on a rainy day.
Pinterest has a ton of great ideas you can use, or heck, write one of your own.

On a more light-hearted note, we finally found a snack Logan (our one-year-old) loves enough to kick his little Apple Jacks addiction. When he was born I was one of those “my child will NEVER eat sugar” mamas. Everyone kind of rolled their eyes but they had a good reason to. He wasn’t more than six months old before a relative fed him a couple bites of brownies. I WAS HORRIFIED.
But then nothing terrible happened and I got over it.
We do severely limit his sugar/processed food intake, but the boy does love his cereal.
On a whim, I picked up a bag of Harvest Snaps. Never expected he’d want to try them but y’all these things are so good. I’m usually pretty picky about my crunchy foods but these are better than any veggie chip we’ve ever had!
Logan’s flavor of choice is Caesar, but Chris and I love love love the habanero. There’s a good deal of variety so our preferences may change. We’ll update and let you know if they do. 😉
Logan has been kind of weird about snacks lately so we’re thankful he found a healthy one that he can gnaw on all day. He looks so silly with a harvest snap hanging out of his mouth!

Have you tried any new snacks lately? What are your healthy go-to’s?
Have you heard or read a mantra that stuck with you?



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