Trim Healthy Mama Review + Giveaway

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If you’ve known me or my mother for any amount of time, you’ve definitely heard the topic of Trim Healthy Mama come up in conversation.
Thousands of women across the world are finding relief after years of failed diets, weight gain, and general unwellness.

I’ll keep my THM testimony short and sweet:
I’ve always been overweight. Even as a child, I was always the fat friend. It didn’t really start to bother me until my pre-teen years when the scale climbed higher at an alarming rate. At 16 years old I was just shy of 220 pounds.
I tried everything to lose weight. The military diet, skipping meals, calorie restriction – but all of it came back to bite me. I felt incredibly deprived and ended up binging even worse to make up for all the calories my body had missed out on.
My mom introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama, a discovery she made while finding her freedom from eating disorders. “There’s a new eating plan where you eat clean but don’t count calories. At all!”
It was definitely a huge lifestyle change as switching to a calorie-free mindset can take awhile to master.
The detox was pretty hard, but I pushed through. It was definitely an on-again-off-again deal, but every year I’m making progress. Since 2016 I’ve…
-Lost 60 pounds (and kept it off after baby.)
-Naturally conceived three times, despite PCOS.
-Gained control of my IBS and other uncomfortable illnesses.
-Trained for my first (of many) half marathons!

I’m not the only one who has found success with the plan.
I personally know people who have been able to quit their diabetes medication, conceive after years of infertility, and lost a significant amount of stubborn weight.
I’ll be honest, it’s hard to get started (because really, who actually WANTS to give up processed food?) but the payoff is so worth it!
You can read hundreds of testimonies and success stories on the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group. Make friends, share recipes, and receive loving support from women all over the world.

The best part? You don’t have to pay for anything but the cookbook (and maybe a few specialty ingredients!)
This isn’t a MLM scheme where you have to pay for a challenge pack or membership.
You could actually follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan just by finding recipes on Pinterest!
However, I DO recommend you start with at least one of the cookbooks.
You can find them herehere and here.

Without further ado (and probably the reason you’re on the blog today!)
Our very first giveaway!!!
One lucky duck will receive a brand-new copy of Trim Healthy Table delivered right to their doorstep!

Our winner will be announced Wednesday, April 11th.
All you need to do is…
1. “Like” Nibble and Dash on Facebook.
2. Subscribe to the Nibble and Dash blog.
3. Share this post! Pinterest and Facebook are both good options. 😉
4. Comment below once all three steps are completed.
This giveaway is now closed.

Good luck!

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